Face Cap

Face Cap

Face cap is a facial motion capture solution exclusively for the iPhone X.

Using the front 3D camera it records and exports the users facial expressions to be used in games, animation or vfx.


  1. Records head position & rotation data.
  2. Records 50 different facial expressions (as blendshape parameters).
  3. Eye tracking.
  4. User configurable recording duration up to 10 minutes.
  5. Records microphone input in sync.
  6. Exports a generic mesh, blendshapes and animation as Ascii-fbx.
  7. Native IOS sharing interface (email or dropbox your recordings).


  1. An Iphone X. Currently the iPhone X is the only IOS device with a 3D camera.

Importing has been tested with these applications:

  1. Autodesk Maya.
  2. Lightwave 3D.
  3. Houdini. View import settings.
  4. Blender. First convert from ascii fbx to binary fbx using Autodesk fbx converter.

The following applications currently have issues:

  1. Cinema 4D has issues with the eyes. This can be fixed manually by reseting the pivot of the eyes and the eyesNull and deleting the Morph tag (will attempt to fix in a future update).
  2. Unreal. Suspect an issue with scene scaling (will attempt to fix in a future update).

Best practices:

  1. For best results place the iPhone X down or hold it still during recording.
  2. Don't move too close or too far from the 3D camera it's range is limited.
  3. Don't look too far up, down or sideways.
  4. For longer recordings (3 minutes+) the exported files might get too big to transfer via email. Consider using dropbox or another sharing solution if you plan to record longer sessions.
  5. Please use the app in a well lit room for best results.
  6. Don't obscure the face, put long hair up in a pony tail, don't put hands or other objects between the face and the 3D camera.
  7. Post process your recording by filtering out noise/jitter/glitches.

A video tutorial for recording/exporting and transfering the data to other characters is coming shortly.

Recording quality reference video:

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  1. Example recording in fbx: Dropbox Google Drive
  2. Face cap press release graphics package.

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