Face Scan V1.0

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Face Scan:

Face Scan captures approximate 3d models of human faces on iOS devices equiped with the true-depth front facing camera.

The resulting 3d model contain 50 FACS based blendshapes and can be exported as ASCII-FBX.


  1. Approximate 3d scans of human faces.
  2. 50 Facs based blendshapes.
  3. Quad based topology.
  4. Texture capturing.
  5. Exports as Ascii-fbx.
  6. Native IOS file management and sharing (use the 'files' app to transfer data).


  1. And iOS device equiped with the true-depth front facing camera.

Importing has been tested with these applications:

  1. Autodesk Maya.
  2. Lightwave 3D.
  3. Unity 3D.
  4. Blender. First convert from ascii fbx to binary fbx using Autodesk fbx converter.

Best practices:

  1. Hold face and phone still when capturing textures.
  2. Capture in bright but neutral diffuse lighting conditions.
  3. Capture multiple textures and combine them to deal with obscured areas.
  4. Only the shapes of the face is captured, no glasses/beards/etc.

Tutorial (coming soon) :

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Files :

  1. Example scan data in .fbx : FaceScan_SampleData.rar
  1. Texture blending example in Maya : (coming soon)

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