Face Cap

Motion capture solution.

Face Scan

3D scan human faces.

Patchy Scan 3D

Mesh AR features.

Voxelator AR

Block building in AR.

Shifty Bits

A brainy puzzle game.

Hamburger for feels

iMessage Sticker pack.

Great shot

Hyper casual soccer.

Luscious Lips

AR face filter app.


Face Cap v1.92 released.

Avatar import now uses a PBR material (see documentation for details). An avatar exporter is now available for Blender 2.8 or newer. Full screen mode now includes an option to use the video feed as the background.

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Face Scan v1.4 released.

Overall perfomance and reliability of the app has been improved, the groundworks for future features have been built.
* A bug has been reported concerning the clear textures feature, an update is in the works.

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