Face cap is a facial motion capture solution for iPhones and iPad Pros equiped with a true depth front facing camera.

It records & exports facial expression animation to be used in games, animation, vfx etc. It is also able to transmit animation data over WIFI networks and import custom avatars.


  1. Record head position & rotation data.
  2. Record +/- 50 blendshape parameters.
  3. Record eye motion.
  4. Record microphone input in sync.
  5. Send captured data over a wifi via OSC.
  6. Import custom avatars (from Maya or Blender).
  7. Export a generic mesh, blendshapes and animation as Ascii-fbx.
  8. Export animation data in an open text based format.
  9. Native IOS file management and sharing.


  1. And iOS device equiped with the true-depth front facing camera (iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPad Pro series 3, etc).


Click here for more detailed documentation and example files.

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